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Consumer Alert Regarding Ticket Purchasing

With so many high-profile and popular events coming to City Opera House, we have found more and more patrons are being exploited by unscrupulous ticket resellers. Often times our tickets are being marketed on secondary ticket websites before the operator of the website has even purchased tickets – and they are being sold at prices far above the price you will pay through our website.

If you or your friends purchase tickets from another source, you:

  1. Might pay too much for your tickets.
  2. May have paid for invalid tickets.
  3. May not be able to get help from City Opera House’s ticketing staff if you have a problem, because there will be no in-house record of your transaction. We also cannot contact you if there is a change of performance time, traffic notices, or to provide any other special information.

Recommendations to avoid being ensnared by unscrupulous ticket resellers:

Be aware that we do NOT partner with any secondary ticketing company or reseller – if you see our tickets on sale on these resale sites, please check our site FIRST, or give us a call. You will frequently find tickets for sale (usually at a lower price) directly from us.

Some sites will advertise our tickets for sale before they go on sale to the public. Be aware that these vendors have not purchased the tickets they are marketing – and you may pay an inflated price for premium seat locations and receive tickets that are very different than what you think you paid for.

Beware of any seller who sends you a debit card to pick up tickets at will call – this is the sign of an unscrupulous sale.  The tickets you pick up at will call with that debit card are likely to be at a much lower value than you paid.

If you think you have seen one of these fraudulent websites or if you have been duped by one of these ticket resellers, you can file a Consumer Complaint Form with the Attorney General.

For more tips and information, please see the Michigan Attorney General’s Online Ticket Purchasing Alert.

We urge you to protect yourself by purchasing directly from City Opera House Box Office, online at, or by phone at (231) 941-8082.


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